“Walking the City”

Artist in Resindency Metropolis Festival

The Out-come from the residency became a live Audio walk with the partipants of the Residency and the co-worker from the Copenhagen International Teater.

The Research was based on interviews with people, under the subject “Walking the City.”

The Background for my project started with a man that walked fourth and back in front of a fence. He made a path in the grass. It fascinated me and I saw him every day when bicycling on my daily rute. This was doing the fall, winter and spring I lived in Valby 2015. One day he was gone, but I found him again. He´d moved for a short period next to the railway tracks – where he was walking for few weeks. The company who owned the area, where he had been walking deleted the trail, he had made, by moving the dirt. Suddenly there was big holes and a fence around the area where he had walked forth and back. The weird thing was that I missed him even though I did not have anything to do with him. I guess, I missed his routine because it was comforting. Maybe because I imagined what he was thinking about. One thing I like to research is where he had disappeared. Then I will research about walking, what happens in the brain – when you as a little toddler start walking and when you walk on the same spot and in various areas – around or forth and back.

The Interviews with people who walked alone in other parts of the world where there is mountain and thin air is still happening – In my Research I have interviewed a Chiropractor, a Professor in Neology, a Doctor, an Architect, a CityPlanner, Artists, a Social worker, Volunteers in EVS, one soon to be a NGO and all with interest to walk, to get an Idea what is happening behind the walking. It is still a work in progress, but the first out come in the Metropolis Festival was a Performance in memory of “The Man, who walked away”. The interesting part of this out come was when the people from and behind the Metropolis Residency Programme started walking on their own meanwhile doing the performance.

The Presentation for my practise

The Methode

The Diary


Introduction to walk: The Live Audio Walk

Please prepare yourself to go with the elevator into another person shoes.

You need to walk into a garage cabin

I will press a button and a garage door will close, (cargarage gate down sound)

Your mind will be storaged here .

Please put on the clothes provided.

Then you find out which dirrection your persona wants to walk.

I´ll tell you a bit about the fysiske conditions the person you are inside have.

While you are walking I´ll tell a bit more what the person could be thinking. When you have an idea it is all up to you to contain the persons believes a narration of the world around.

Be cautioned to walk in the traffic- it can change you own bodys fysiske condition

Have a nice walk.

And the Performance

In July-August 2018, five international artists are visiting and working in Copenhagen as part of the month-long Metropolis Residency – Walking the City.

Here you can meet the five artists and hear them talk about their experiences working site-specifically in Copenhagen:

Christiane Hütter, Germany
…is an artist and urban game designer (education: psychologist & scriptwriter), core member of the collective/network Invisible Playground. She has been designing games and playful experiences on different scales all over the world, e.g. during the Field Office. She also co-founded the performative writing group Pussy Write and the Society for Cultural Optimism. Recently she started curating and organising the Social Fiction Lab, an open Lab for artists/programmers/thinkers/makers to work together on visions of possible futures.

Nicola Visser, South Africa/Denmark

Nicola is a community dance artist, teacher and maker based in Aarhus, Denmark. She has been performing, directing and teaching for 18 years since graduating from the Laban Centre London. Since 2000 she has founded, directed and produced innovative interdisciplinary projects in Cape Town.

Judith Hofland, The Netherlands

Judith works on location and approaches her audience mostly individually by speaking to them via video and/or headphones. She uses new techniques and unconventional presentation forms such as audio and video tours, because she wants to challenge the audience to act and to respond to their actions. This way she lets them look at their own behavior. She is always investigating how far she can take her audience. How much freedom can she give the public? How do you use the technique for an optimal experience to take the audience into a world? The central question is how you, as a theatre maker, can ensure that the viewer feels free to make choices, but is surprised afterwards about what he or she has done.

Alicja Rogalska, Poland/UK

Alicja’s projects are attempts to practice a different political reality here and now, creating space for many voices to be heard and to co-exist, whilst collectively searching for emancipatory ideas for the future. The recurring subjects of her work are: agency, body and affect especially in relation to issues such as class inequalities, global capitalism and international division of labour.

Kim Sandra Rask, Denmark
…works with Visual Art, Video Art, Sound Art, Sculpture, Concept Art, Live Performances, Installations and Sound-design for Performing Arts.

About Metropolis Residency Programme

Metropolis Residency is a unique international urban residency programme in Copenhagen aimed at performing artists with an interdisciplinary approach, researching, creating and producing in public space and the public realm. The programme will be running till 2021.

In 2018, Metropolis organises three residencies of one month. Each residency will have a specific focus and each residency will be for five participants.

The second residency, Walking the City, takes place in July/August and focuses on navigating and exploring places, memories and narratives of the city, and walking as an artistic practice and method.